Cellulite Subcision: How Does It Work?

Many women nowadays have their self-esteem affected by the existence of cellulite, but that ends up happening by external interference. In most cases, women feel demeaned for having cellulite, which in this case is super wrong, because cellulite is super common even among men. Because of this, today we will explain why this happens and also about cellulite subcision.

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What is cellulite?

Don't know what cellulite is? Well, let's explain it to you!

Cellulite in general ends up being a big problem for women, both in terms of acceptance itself, and in terms of health, as it is a depression in the skin. Cellulite can become a discomfort for women because of their appearance, but most women end up suffering prejudice from men for the existence of cellulite, but this is totally wrong, as men cannot impose anything on women's appearance and this decision about cellulite needs to come from them.

Because of that, we will explain you about cellulite itself and also about cellulite subcision. Cellulite subcision is summed up in the correction of cellulite itself, but it plays a key role in the fight against changes in skin relief as well, how to eliminate deep wrinkles  and depressed scars.

Cellulite is an irregularity accused in the inner part of our skin, called the cutaneous region, exactly in this area that the undesirable lesions that end up appearing and marking on our skin happen. The main regions where cellulite appear are in the thigh area, both posteriorly and laterally, and also on the buttocks, where they appear more frequently.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is also caused by hormonal and genetic factors, especially in women. Other factors, such as lack of physical exercise, inadequate nutrition and as stated above, in the exposure of female hormones.

Cellulite can be treated in several ways, such as proper nutrition, increased sports and exercise in general, own creams and even massage procedures, but what we will talk about today is the cellulite subcision, which is recommended in situations more serious effects of cellulite, for example, in the appearance of the “orange peel” appearance.

How does the subscription work?

Cellulite subcision is a technique performed especially in more severe cases and with minimal invasion, it is done with the aid of needles, but they do not cause scars and also bring the natural appearance of the skin.

Cellulite subcision should only be done in our own clinics and with specialists, as this is a specific technique. Before performing the technique, it is necessary to mark the regions with a foot for better identification.

As stated above, needles are used in the process, but don't worry, the process doesn't leave scars. To better explain the purpose of cellulite subcision, its function is to restore the regular appearance of the skin, removing all the irregular relief of cellulite.

Your recovery and treatment is done with the help of a specialist, as the treatment is the application of microporage for at least 3 days. In general, the treatment is very fast and no type of activity is restricted, only physical activities that can only be performed after removing the microporage.

Searching for several professional references before doing the procedure is the best step to not have unwanted results.

The final result after performing the technique varies from person to person, but it has a minimum rate of 50% of improvement and a maximum of 100%. 4 weeks respectively, but always remember to maintain adequate and healthy food and avoid sitting too much during the day to avoid pain and discomfort.

Once you know what the cellulite subcision and cellulite itself are all about, it is important that you know that cellulite should be treated as a health and appearance problem, but remember, no one can give an opinion about you and especially about your body, and lastly, make sure you have paid attention to all the details, as this is a sensitive subject.