Facial lymphatic self-drainage: know the 7 steps to do it at home

More and more women have gone to aesthetic clinics in search of treatments that can improve the appearance of their facial or body skin. This is the case of lymphatic self-drainage, which has been one of the most chosen body treatments among women, due to its surprising results, and also because it is not considered an invasive or aggressive treatment. So today we'll teach you how to make a lymphatic self-drainage on your face, so you can always be beautiful and radiant, without having to go to a clinic.  

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What is lymphatic autodening? 

Never heard of this procedure? So come with us and we'll explain what it's about.

Lymphatic self-drainage is nothing more than a technique of “self-massage”, which is capable of causing toxins that accumulate in the skin to be eliminated by the lymphatic system. You know those days when your face is a little swollen, due to a dentist appointment, or because of your menstrual period? Well, lymphatic self-drainage serves to alleviate the effects of swelling, by stimulating the skin using only the hands.  

Lymphatic self-drainage is able to improve the appearance of the skin, leaving it brighter, as it eliminates the toxins that cause disturbances in its appearance. Well, no more messing around and let's get straight to the point:  

How to perform a facial lymphatic drainage?  

1st step:  

The correct way to perform a facial lymphatic self-drainage is to start directly from the neck. All you need to do is stimulate the area above your collarbones, making circular motions with your fingertips, pressing neither too hard nor too lightly. These moves must be repeated at least 6 or 10 times.  

2nd step:  

Repeat the same movements in the neck region, using your fingertips. Then move to the back of the neck, and push with your fingers as if you were sending the toxins to the collarbone region.  

3rd step:  

Now let's go to the mouth and chin region. There, all you will need to do is place the tips of your middle and index fingers in the middle of your chin, making a circular motion, about 6 to 10 times.  

Below the lower lip, you will make the same movements towards the chin. At the top of the lips, move sideways around the mouth, but right away towards the chin. 

4th step:  

Now we're going to the cheeks and nose. In the area near the ears, massage with your fingertips, lightly pressing about 6 to 10 times. Then bring your fingers to your cheeks, and drain towards your ears. Do the same process in the corner of the nose.  

5th step:  

The next step in our lymphatic self-draining is to eliminate toxins from the eye area. All you have to do is slide your fingers from the outside of your eyes to the back of your ears. In the upper eyelid, just perform the same movement towards the back of the ears, and then just stimulate the ear region by pressing lightly.

6th step:  

In the forehead area, you will make circular motions, starting from the middle of the forehead, and then moving to the back of the ears. Repeat the same movement for the other half of the forehead, taking the other direction. Now, stimulate the ear and collarbone area once more.  

7th step:  

The 7th step is nothing more than a repetition of the first step of this facial lymphatic self-drainage.  

Lymphatic self-drainage in pregnant women:  

The difference between this procedure, and other aesthetic procedures, is that the self-draining on shelves, is more than indicated by professionals. This is because lymphatic self-drainage in pregnant women is able to eliminate toxins from the skin, improve blood circulation and promote relaxation of the body and mind, which is usually under a very high level of tension.  

Lymphatic self-drainage in pregnant women is also able to reduce the swellings that appear by the hair, including on the face. Here on the blog, we have already taught how to do a lymphatic self-drainage in the belly, which may be the most suitable for future moms.  

In this video produced on Lu Ferreira's channel, she teaches how to perform body lymphatic drainage, which promises to reduce swelling.

But whether it's time to perform lymphatic self-draining in pregnant women or not, the best results are always achieved when the procedure is performed by a professional. However, lymphatic self-draining in pregnant women can be a great way for the expectant mother to connect with her own body, and also to promote deep relaxation. 

Anyway, we hope that our content has been of great value to you. Thanks for the strength, and until next time!