Makeup for everyday: learn a super tutorial to rock any occasion

Maybe you have a bit more busy routine, and that's why you need to save time, even when it comes to makeup. Or maybe you have a little more time, to take care of yourself, and bet on a little more elaborate makeup. Therefore, we decided to bring this content, about makeup for everyday life, which will serve both those who have more time and those who are always on the run.  

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Makeup for everyday life:

Today we will encompass a very easy way to make a simple makeup for everyday life, whether you are going to work, study, or simply hang out with friends during the day. Simple makeup for everyday use has to be lighter, and made with products that withstand the humidity of sweat, otherwise, at the slightest sign of sweating, your makeup will completely fade. So, without further ado, let's go to the tutorial on how to make a simple makeup for everyday life.

1st step: prepare your skin

This is that moment when the hurried on duty always end up jumping, isn't it? Yes, but know that the preparation of the facial skin is a super important step to make a simple makeup for everyday life, because although it is not as heavy or complex as makeup for a night party, the products have to be fix on your skin satisfactorily.

The first step is to cleanse the facial skin, with the help of a soap with moisturizing action. After drying the skin with a towel, apply a corrective foundation, but only on the “imperfections” of the skin, with the spots of pimples, acne and dark circles. Avoid covering your face completely with this product to avoid future problems.

2nd step: And here comes the blush…

After giving that one prepared on the skin with a base of your choice, the second step of our makeup for the day to day, is to apply our old friend blush. This product is essential, even when making a simple makeup for everyday life, as it will give your face a blush, giving you a livelier look to face the daily routine. Therefore, apply a blush that matches your skin tone, smudging your cheekbones.

If you have a few more minutes, make an outline with another shade of blush (cooler than the first), giving it just a few taps, taking care to make it very smoky! If you want, you can have it seen in the illuminated ones too, but in great moderation, so as not to leave out a make-up for the day to day, and end up with a circus make-up.

Step 4: Outlined…smoky… you're the one to choose!

This is the part where you have to use and abuse your creativity, because the eye region is very versatile when it comes to making a makeup for everyday life. You can bet on an outlined model, such as the outlined kitten for example, or in a beautiful smoky, to make your look more striking and deep.

On the eyebrows, the ideal is to cover the flaws with a shadow, which doesn't stray too far from the color you chose for the cheekbones and eyes. The ideal for everyday makeup, is not to exaggerate too much in the choice of colors, always trying to maintain a pattern.

5th step: it's mouth time

To finish off our simple everyday makeup, the most recommended thing is to balance the tone chosen for the eyes and mouth region. For example, if you bet on a smoked nude color, just choose a color a little stronger for the mouth, and vice versa. If you wish, you can order it in a nice lipstick, or simply a lip gloss.

And to give you that strength when it comes to makeup, youtuber Ju Leme has separated this mega content, about how to apply lipstick and gloss without making a mistake.

Also remember that everything will depend on the occasion and the environment you'll be in during the day, and that's why you should adapt our makeup for the day to day according to your case. It is also worth emphasizing that the use of BeautyVip Hair, will bring several benefits not only for your skin, but also for your hair and nails. So, do as thousands of women across Brazil, and discover the thousands of benefits that these capsules can provide in your life.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed all our content, and see you next time my people!