Easy-to-do night makeup: tips to rock

To rock the night, makeup doesn't have to be laborious! Today I will teach you tricks of easy-to-do evening makeup! Regardless of the nighttime occasion, with these tips you will rock and make your makeup quickly and easily, super recommended for those who have no practice or do not have so much time left for production!

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Easy to do makeup step by step

Easy-to-do evening makeup step by step

previous care

super important to start your makeup is the preparation of your skin to receive the makeup, and for that I have separated these tips here, check it out:

  • Sanitize and wash your face well
  • Apply a facial tonic to close pores and remove oil
  • Apply sunscreen to moisturize and protect your skin
  • To finish this step, apply a primer that will help you fix the products!

These treatments can be performed in just 10 minutes, and are extremely important for your skin's health. It is this process that will ensure the durability of the easy-to-do night makeup, which you will learn next.

prepare your skin

In this step we will prepare your skin and for this you will need a foundation, concealer, blush and brightener. This step is essential, because it's where we leave our skin looking like velvet for the completion of the easy-to-do night makeup. To do this, follow this order:

Valuable tip: to avoid cracking and still ensure the makeup lasts longer, after skin preparation, apply the translucent powder in the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) and in the area below the eyes. It will help with the setting of foundation and concealer, leaving the face finish more velvety. 

  1. Base
  2. Liquid Paper
  3. Compact powder (if you like)
  4. contour powder
  5. Illuminator
  6. Blush

This step is important because it masks imperfections and leaves the skin with a more homogeneous appearance, giving the skin more health aspect. 

Easy make-up for the night

Now let's go to the most anticipated part, 3 easy make-up for the night

1.Dark lipstick + razor-sharp contour!

A dark lipstick makes all the difference in your makeup! The dark color stands out in the look and makes you rock on any occasion!

This tip is for you who are not very expert in smoky and still want to rock the make! Your lipstick can be purple, red, burgundy, dark brown, whatever color you prefer! The intensity of the tone will be highlighted and you will look beautiful!
On the eyes you can just apply eyelash mask and that's it!

On your skin, you can contour the concave cheeks with compact powder and illuminator!

2. Kitty-style eye

This makeup is everything for those who want something lighter. For this easy-to-do night makeup, start by applying an eyelid shade in a natural shade, preferably for shimmering eyeshadows, to bring more life and sparkle to your eyes.

After that pass the eyeliner straight and make a small line up past the end of the eyelid. Those with less practice can make the line with an eye pencil first and then apply the outline over the top.

As this makeup leaves the look very delicate, discreet and romantic, you have two options for the mouth: bet on lipsticks with strong and vivid colors or you can bet on the use of lip gloss.

3. Smoky black

This tip is frilly for those who like a smoky black and can't get it right. The tip is to use a black pencil to fill in the mobile eyelid, as if it were doing shadow work. You don't even need to use several brushes to blur! 

Once this is done, just finish with a powdered eyeshadow on top: your make-up will be even blacker and the pencil will help to fix the powdered eyeshadow better.

YouTuber Fernanda Petrizi teaches you how to smudge your eyes

Finishing touches for your easy-to-do evening makeup

To finish off your easy-to-do evening makeup you can fill in gaps in the eyebrows, or make it more obvious by using an eyebrow pencil or putting a shadow on it. don't forget that BeautyVip Hair is your ally for healthy, hydrated and nourished skin!

To make your makeup last all night, you can spray make-up fixative spray at a distance of 30cm from your face and you're ready to enjoy your night!