Make up for the party: learn to make simple makeups to rock

We women spent days planning the best makeup for the party and so we rocked the event. But we know that the choice is always difficult and that many times we don't choose the best option. For this reason I bring make up for the party in a simple way, to also help those who are starting to venture out.

The make for the party that I'll be quoting is lighter, for those people who don't like extravagance and are more suitable for parties of the day, however nothing prevents you from using it at night, just give more intensity to the make.

When you put on makeup, the used products can cause skin problems. if not applied wisely, your skin may become dry or even more pimples, for this reason you may be moisturizing your skin with beautvip hair, which will help in the formation of collagen and fight aging.

In addition to fighting expression lines, which is perfect for you who have a lot of expression lines and when you pass the base, you end up scoring, in other words, it's a good investment. But let's get down to business? Next you will see make up for the party that will make you amazing at the event!

make for party

Learn makeup techniques to rock the parties.

rich illuminated

This type of makeup will greatly enhance your eyes and thus avoid making them look heavy. Eyebrows can be marked or not, but if it is something nocturnal, prefer a good eyebrow. You will outline the concave with brown, then with a little orange and then pull a darker brown to the middle of the eyes, remember to blend very well each step. Afterwards, just use a bright shadow of your choice.

Don't forget to put on a mascara to lift your eyelashes! And the mouth is in a pale pink to give it a charm, but I don't see a problem with using other types of colors. You may be investing in a pinker, brighter blush below the eyebrows.

Highlight in red mouth

I love red lipstick and I can't deny that it's practically my passion, so I couldn't not bring a make up to the party that highlight the famous red lipstick. Mark the concave with a very light brown and then with a darker one, smudge very well and then with a black eyeshadow comes smudging in the corners of the eyes until reaching a little in the middle, leaving a part of the eyes free. For better understanding you might be doing the step by thinking about something like an outlined kitten.

It blends well with black eyes and in the part where you didn't do anything, you can be investing in gold if it's a make up for a night party, if it's something in the morning, just the first way it's great. Then I just came with a powerful red lipstick, well marked and defined. If you are a beginner, be careful! Red lipstick can be your enemy, as a smudge can take a while to remove and sometimes around the lips it looks strange, reddish.

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powerful outline

nowadays andthere are several variations of outline, but the classic is always there, so if you don't know how to make elaborate ones yet, we need to start with the bottom. I always suggest delimiting the concave just to make the look fuller, then just make a classic outlined kitten, you can use a dark color like red for the night and a lighter pink mouth for the day.

Illuminated Rosé

This make up for the party is very beautiful! Do you know who used this type of make? Herself, Ariana Grande, you can check it in the Focus song clip. The production is super elegant and serves more for daytime parties, but nothing prevents you from wearing it at night.

In general terms, you come with a darker pink for vim bringing the color from the corner of the eye in the middle, if you want to delimit the concave with that color it's also a good one. Smoke a lot! Soon after, a lighter shade of pink on top coming from the corner of tears to the middle joining as a darker pink.

smudging is an art, it takes a while to learn, but when you learn it is much easier. Then with a glitter pink, you come smudging over the color gradient. You might be putting gold eyeliner on the corners of your eyes and zipping them up with kitty eyeliner and false eyelashes.

The mouth you delimit it with a darker pink and then fill it with a lighter pink, sure you will rock it because this party make-up is amazing and super versatile. I've put together for you a make-up video for beginners with super cheap products, for those who are still afraid of taking risks and are more visual to better understand the step by step.

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Did you like some make up for the party? Hope so! Do not forget to take care of your skin before and after making up, if you are looking for practicality and want to take care of yourself from the inside out, use the beautvip hair so that you can have your skin more hydrated and full of life.