How to recover hair with chemical? – Learn some simple tips!

Do you know how to restore hair with chemistry? We know that pollution, chlorine, exposure to the sun and too much chemicals can leave hair oily or very dry. But, to help solve this and other problems, we have set aside some tips here for you that will be very useful. Check out!

recover hair with chemistry
Want to recover hair with chemicals but don't know how? Then check out our tips!

Hair with chemical needs special care, and that's why it is recommended that you use vitamin capsules BeautyVip Hair, since it guarantees more nourished, hydrated, resistant and healthy locks.

However, apart from this treatment, there are other tips you can apply that will surely restore your hair with chemical. Want to know what to do to get your hair healthy again? So keep an eye out for this article!

How to recover hair with chemical?

You may not believe it, but it is quite common to end up ruining the tresses with excessive procedures and all women go through this at some point in their lives. This happens a lot, so if you're going through it, take a deep breath and calm down because your case may have a simple solution!

When a woman starts messing with stronger chemicals and processes, there really comes a time when she has to stop everything and do a rescue treatment. The hair is already attacked daily by the sun, pollution and wind, when, in addition, chemical substances enter, health is affected and an intensive recovery process needs to be started.

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And to know if your hair is damaged it shows some signs. Signs of damaged hair are dryness, fading, porosity, chemical breakdown and excessive hair loss.

This is easily identified by the touch of the hands, the look and a laboratory diagnosis performed by a professional in the beauty salon. A simple home test identifies if that wire is, in fact, damaged. Just stretch it and analyze if there is elasticity.

What to do to recover hair with chemical?

When the hair is healthy, the color may degrade, but with treatment it is possible to reach the initial state of health. If it is already dry and poorly treated, the coloration will further degrade the matter and the process to recover to the pre-chemical level will be more difficult.

There are several techniques to recover hair with chemical, such as a treatment that can revitalize it in just 20 minutes. The strategy is to do a lot of hydration with a focus on rebuilding the strength and nutrition of the hair.

In this case, it applies to molecular reconstructive injection, a service that uses chemical products and is instantaneous in the three areas of the hair, providing strength, vitality and resistance.

If you have a progressive, relaxing or permanent brush, invest in post-chemical cosmetics to prolong the texture effect of your locks. Rebuild cosmetics can help you too. As the treatment is more thorough, use it only once a week to avoid the risk of hardening your hair.

How to keep hair always healthy?

One of the most common mistakes is investing in beauty salon care and forgetting the harmful situation of the hairs on other days of the week. Every hair reconstruction is basically continuous hydration.

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How to keep your hair healthy
In addition to all care, it is extremely important that you maintain a hair care routine.

It starts with unsalted shampoo and ends with leave-in as a hair finisher. This process treats the entire length of the strands and even helps to repair and reduce split ends.

Keeping your hair healthy is not a simple task. To recover hair with chemical, let's go to some tips on how we should do it.

– Always use ideal shampoo and conditioner. Using the right products for your hair type is essential for them to stay healthy;

– Have a correct diet because brittle hair can be an indication of the lack of nutrients in the body, such as: iron, vitamin D and zinc. Therefore, the ideal is to associate a good treatment in the salon with a balanced diet under the guidance of a nutritionist;

– Hydration on a daily basis is recommended for all hair types. Use a treatment mask so that it deeply nourishes the hair, promoting softness and a lot of shine;

– Make a thermal protection because the excessive use of dryers, flat irons and curlers dry out and cause hair breakage. Apply the thermal protector before using them;

– Do the treatment at the salon as only the professional can accurately assess the condition of the hair. Visit your favorite space often to check yarn needs. In a short time, the tresses will no longer be damaged and may need another type of treatment.

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Recipe to rebuild the wires

How about a recipe to make at home, using products specially developed to restore hair with chemical? This way, you will be able to do the treatment until the end. Some brands already have options with argan oil in the formulation, the perfect combination for deep hydration. Check out our step-by-step instructions and do your reconstruction at home yourself!

– First, wash your hair twice with a shampoo without salt, which, being less aggressive than the common ones, gently cleans and treats the strands without drying them out;

– Once that's done, choose a hair mask and add a few drops of argan oil to enhance the effect. Apply the mixture along the length of the hair, excluding the root, and englove the strands so that the product penetrates effectively;

– After the massage, take a break and let the product act for 3 to 5 minutes;

– After the break, the hair must be washed again to remove all the product;

– Once that's done, to finish, apply a leave-in or styling cream with thermal protection along the length. If you dry the strands with a dryer, you will be able to further enhance the hydration of products activated by heat, in addition to activating the extra shine to the locks.

When combing hair, care and patience are the main ingredients. The strands must be untangled from the bottom to the top, so it is advisable to use wide combs to avoid breaking them.