e-girl hair: Find out more about this style that is making people talk

The internet is always full of new styles of clothing, hair and makeup, isn't it? Well, as new fashions emerge, others are bound to end, and even fall by the wayside. However, there are others that seem to have come to stay, as they have been in women's minds for a long time. A very alternative style that has gained more and more fame around the world is e-girls. That's why today we bring you a mega content about E-girl hair and the style itself, for you who are simply curious or for you who are looking to embark on this fashion.  

Style and hair e-girl: 

The e-girl style is a very bold style that appeared on the internet, and that's what we'll talk about today!

Surely, you've probably heard of the Gothic movement, haven't you? If you're 20 or older, you might remember to see people dressed in dark colors from head to toe, sporting more “aggressive” looking accessories such as large chains, bracelets or even black makeup. well, the e-girl style, which comes from the term "Electronic Girl" it emerged from the Gothic style, but it has its differences.  

O e-girl hair, is usually colored in fancy colors a little more flashy, and sometimes even blending other colors. The e-girl, united styles, such as gothic and emo, and made it a little more “heavy”, adding colored hair, black clothes, and also several accessories.  

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How did the e-girl hair and aesthetics of this style come about? 

Unless you've lived completely isolated from the rest of humanity for the past few years, you should definitely know about Tik Tok video app, right? Well know, that the e-girl hair and alternative style of these girls, gained its fame there, through videos where the girls taught how to adopt the style, or simply showed their daily lives, with their dark clothes and their colored hair.  

The e-girls seek to be in a totally different style, from the so-called soft girls or VSCO, who are known for adopting a more “clean” style, that is, wearing clothes in lighter colors (usually in pastel shades), and hair also much less flashy, unlike e-girl hair. 

How is the e-girl hair? 

e-girl hair dye: 

As stated above, the e-girl hair is characterized by having more striking colors, which can vary between light red, or even pink or green. These fancy colors are usually obtained through dyes, which are much less aggressive than common paints that contain ammonia. 

The e-girl haircut is usually made a little shorter or medium, as this is one of the characteristics of characters that gave life to this style, like the character Ramona Flowers of the film that bears the same name as the original comic book: “Scott Pilgrim against the world”. The character has as one of its main characteristics, its more alternative style, usually wearing dark tone clothes (like black for example), and the famous hair dyed in fantasy colors (like dark pink and blue). 

e-girl haircuts and hairstyles: 

The predominant size in e-girl hair, is most often short or medium, usually has a medium or long fringe at the forehead. This fringe can be pegged or not, as this is not really a style rule. colored hair in two tones are also very successful among e-girls, and some even dye their hair one color in its extension, and bet on a colored fringe in a different tone, to bring even more alternation to the style. 

Accessories such as barrettes are also widely used by these girls, as they add charm to hairstyles such as long ponytails, or the famous maria pigtails.  

E-girl style clothes and makeup: 

As the e-girl style emerged from the gothic movement, punk and even grunge, her clothes are characterized by having darker colors, or even plaid or stripes. Long or short skirts, long plaid socks, chains and accessories are all part of the look of these girls on a daily basis.  

In this video, you will quickly learn what an e-girl is.

The t-shirts of bands of movements such as punk, rock or grunge can't be left out of this style either, right? Allied to that, the makeup with heavier colors, outlined more flashy, and even heart-shaped drawings or others, are also part of this style that is being talked about on the internet. 

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Anyway, we're sticking around here, but we wish you enjoyed all our content regarding e-girl hair, also the outfits of this group of girls, who have a lot of daring.