Grade 4 cellulite: what is it like and how to treat it?

Cellulite is an aesthetic problem that plagues the lives of thousands of people around the world. They are characterized by the famous “orange peel effect”, which is when the skin takes on a wavy shape, which more resemble small holes in the skin. However, today we are bringing special content, about and grade 4 cellulite, which is the most advanced and serious level of this problem. 

What is grade 4 cellulite like?  

Don't know the characteristics of grade 4 cellulite? So let's explain it to you.

As stated above, grade 4 cellulite is at the highest level of this aesthetic problem. Cellulite, or gynoid lipodystrophy, is the deposit of fat accumulated under a layer of skin, which later ends up forming the famous little holes. About 95% of women who have already gone through puberty suffer from the problem of cellulite.  

Grade 4 cellulite can be visible even through a person's clothes, forming nodules, and even causing pain in the region. Grade 4 cellulite and others can arise due to hormonal and hereditary factors, but the main ones are bad eating habits. A diet rich in sugar and carbohydrates is capable of causing excess fat to accumulate in the layers of the skin, thus forming cellulite.  

Is there any treatment for grade 4 cellulite?  

The answer is yes! There is a treatment for cellulite grade 4, I mean… more than one actually. However, due to the severity of grade 4 cellulite, it may take several sessions to actually treat it, or at least reduce it. We'll show you a list, but it's up to you to decide which is the best treatment for grade 4 cellulite.  


Have you ever heard of acupuncture? Well, electrolipolysis is quite similar to this technique, with the exception that Electrolipolysis consists of the application of small electrical discharges through the needles, which are able to break down fat cells. Perhaps you have confused this procedure with the cryolipolysis, but know that they are totally different.

Who can't do it?  

This treatment for grade 4 cellulite should not be done by people with wounds under the skin (at the application site), diabetics and people with fibroids. A session of this treatment can take around 40 minutes and can be done up to 2 times a week. The number of sessions will vary from case to case. 

BeautVip Cel:

BeautVip Cel is a skin cream that has a revolutionary action, capable of fighting and preventing cellulite. Its formula has several natural actives, such as the nutrients of the safflower, a caffeine it's the Green Tea. The benefits of BeautVip Cel act deeply on the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and with a revitalized appearance. And its results do not take long to appear, since in the first days of treatment, it is already possible to see big differences.

Russian chain:   

This treatment is well known for being used in people who are experiencing muscle problems, such as their near paralysis. However, it is also a great ally for you who are suffering from grade 4 cellulite problem. involuntary contraction of the region where the electrical discharge occurs, it is possible to eliminate the flaccidity and the fat that is located in the region. 


This is already a grade 4 cellulite treatment, a little less known among most people. It consists of the application of doses of carbon dioxide on the skin, which will increase blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin. The fat under the skin tissue will break down, promoting more elasticity and firmness through the production of collagen.  

How to Eliminate Grade 4 Cellulite Through Healthy Habits: 

“We are what we eat” …is that phrase familiar to you? Well, know that it's not wrong, since our eating habits directly reflect on the health of our body, and as we explained at the beginning of this article, the consumption of fats and carbohydrates is one of the major causes of both grade 4 cellulite , like those of other grades.  

The ideal is to always consume about 2 liters of water a day, because a hydrated body is a much healthier body. When eating, try to consume foods rich in vitamins and fibers, such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables. It's okay to eat a little fry or something from time to time, but it's important not to overdo it, and always be vigilant about what you eat! 

In this video, Dr. Natália Marques teaches how to eliminate cellulite through food.

The consumption of teas, such as green tea for example, can even serve as a “pre-treatment for grade 4 cellulite”, as it helps in weight loss and fat elimination. You may have little time or resources to go to the gym. However, it is more than possible to eliminate the cellulite problem through exercises such as squats or pelvic lifts.

Anyway, we hope that our content was of great help to you. We hope that you can eliminate the problem of cellulite from your life once and for all, and until next time!