Capillary schedule for transition: see how to assemble yours

In a world where new trends emerge every day, there are some women who are increasingly committed to taking on the natural curvature of their hair. However, this process, especially for those who perform various chemical procedures on their hair, is somewhat time-consuming, and requires a series of special care. That's why we've brought this content to help you build a capillary schedule for the transition, so you can achieve better results in a short period of time.  

Setting up your capillary schedule for transition: 

We are going to show you now, how you can make a capillary schedule, to follow during the capillary transition period.

Taking on your hair once and for all (straight or frizzy) is the desire of thousands of women around the world. For this, the process of hair transition exists, so that in a few steps, women can leave their hair in its original texture and curvature. Therefore, link there in your capillary timetable for transition, as it will be of paramount importance to you! 

1st step: Take a hair growth and fortification vitamin 

The correct consumption of vitamins and minerals necessary for the hair to become strong, beautiful and healthy is not an easy task. That's why foreign scientists developed the so-called formula BeautyVip Hair, which brings together in a single capsule, several natural actives, capable of accelerating hair growth in up to 6x, fortifying the strands from the hair bulb. 

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The recommended dose of this vitamin complex is one capsule a day, always after your first meal. Thus, it is able to penetrate deep into the hair root, promoting a broad fortifying action, keeping the hair in its original curvature.  

2nd step: Moisturize your hair with homemade recipes 

We know that on the market, there are several options for moisturizing masks or similar products. However, the most suitable is to bet on the use of natural products, to make your hair hydration recipes. A great example of these recipes, which is especially recommended for owners with curly or frizzy hair, is the aloe hydration, which guarantees a stunning shine and softness to the hair.  

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3rd step: Bet on hair nutrition 

As stated at the beginning of this article, your hair needs the correct and regulated dose of vitamins and minerals to always remain strong and healthy. However, these vitamins can also be applied from the outside in through nutrition. Nutrition is a lot like hydration, however, some doses of essential vitamins are applied to the threads, with the use of vitamin ampoules. 

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 This is a very important step in the hair transition schedule, as with the interruption of chemical procedures in the hair, the hair fiber will still remain damaged, needing to be coated again with a protective layer.  

Step 4: Perform a hair reconstruction 

It is already known to most, that the hair strands are mainly composed of a protein called keratin. However, our hair gradually loses the healthy amount of this protein, which results in the weakening of the hair fiber, and in the worst case, hair loss. The hair reconstruction serves, precisely to replace the keratin in the hair, through super simple procedures to be done at home. Like the others, this is a very important step for your capillary transition schedule.  

How to make a hair transition? 

Want to learn how to make a hair transition? So stay with us.

Now that you have learned how to make a hairline schedule for hair in transition, we are going to teach you how to start this process, which is capable of making you assume your original locks for good.  

The transition process is done almost completely naturally, as when the hair stops receiving the chemicals present in the procedures, it simply starts to return to its natural shape. However, there are some steps for your transition to work faster, and with more positive results.  

  • 1st step:  

Stop once with chemicals, or any other processes that change the curvature and natural volume of your hair, because that's the only way it will give, the famous “start” to start returning to what it was before. 

  • 2nd step:  

use flat iron, dryer or babyliss only when needed. That's because the heat tools often cause damage to the hair fiber, making the transition process even more difficult. It won't do any good to follow your capillary schedule for transition to the letter, if all the actions you take on a daily basis hinder this process. 

  • 3rd step: 

Comb your hair whenever possible, but very gently. This extra care ensures that you do not damage the structure of the wires, which may be weakened because it is undergoing a sudden change. Also remember to always follow the hairline transition schedule to the letter, as this will ensure better results. 

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We hope our capillary transition schedule has been of great help to you! We always count on your support to bring these and other contents about beauty and health.