Aloe for stretch marks and cellulite - Learn how to use it to smooth out stretch marks

Aloe has become an indispensable ingredient in hair and skin treatments. And no wonder, as it is rich in several nutrients, which can help our bodies' health. Many people even include this plant in their diet, despite its rather bitter taste. That's why we'll talk about how aloe vera works for stretch marks and cellulite, fighting this “problem” that affects thousands of people.

Aloe for stretch marks and cellulite
That this plant is very beneficial for our hair, many people already know. However, few women know that aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite is also beneficial.

Having a hydrated and healthy skin is not easy, so it is best to help with the blog's beauty tips, using the BeautVip Cel, which will help you reduce your measurements, and end cellulite and stretch marks. These two skin characteristics are a nuisance for many women, and unfortunately some end up doing crazy things to minimize these aspects.

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Aloe Benefits

Aloe is a medicinal plant widely used in our country. She became the darling of skin care, as it brings several benefits to the skin. Also known as Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera, Apothecary Aloe or Garden Aloe, it can be used in a number of ways, as long as we know how to do it.

Aloe is rich in minerals, and brings an incredible moisturizing effect on dry hair. This plant has enzymes that help to remove dead cells, helping to maintain the health of the hair.

aloe hydration

That aloe is widely used in hair hydration, we all know. But what many don't know is that the same mixture made for hair can be used on the skin. Do it like this: On the day you are going to moisturize your hair, and a little of that “gel”, removed from the plant, is left over, apply a little on the skin and wait a few minutes to remove.

Stretch marks are skin lesions in the form of lines that occur due to hormones, and rapid growth or weight gain, very common in pregnant women.

Cellulite, on the other hand, are marks or small wavy holes that appear under the skin, formed from layers of fat. It is also one of the aesthetic concerns that plague the lives of thousands of people.

How to use aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite?

The use of aloe on the skin is quite simple. Just cut the plant leaf with the aid of a knife, and remove the gelatinous inner part with a spoon. After that, mix it with a little water, and you get a paste for various uses.

From there, just apply the mixture, in the area where cellulite or stretch marks are showing. the gel of aloe it has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, acting on the deepest layer of the skin. Aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite, acts directly on the parts of the skin where the fat is located, and helps to fight marks, which are a great aesthetic discomfort, especially for women.

How to use aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite
Aloe is widely used in numerous homemade recipes, both for hair and skin. So it's no surprise to hear that it's possible to use aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite.

Another very good tip is to apply a little of the gel, using a moisturizer for daily use. This tip is worth a lot, for people who turn up their noses at the smell of the plant, and therefore end up not taking advantage of the various benefits it provides.

Mix aloe with other natural products

What many don't know is that using aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite, mixing it with other products of natural origin, can accelerate the expected results on the skin. Products that are very common in our day-to-day, such as olive oil or coconut oil, can be a great ally in combating aesthetic problems, and therefore, combining them in our daily care is a great idea.

Aloe and coconut oil

O coconut oil, is a great natural moisturizer for him, as well as aloe vera, which together can form a great mixture for the skin. The recipe is very simple: just mix a third of a cup of aloe mixture with half a cup of coconut oil.

Aloe with olive oil 

Olive oil is not only good for cooking, it is also very good for the skin, as it is an oil. Here it's even simpler, just put some olive oil on the aloe gel, and apply it under the skin.

We often resort to unnecessary aesthetic treatments, even if we have amazing homemade products at home. With all these tips, we can see how much aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite, shows us the amount of things we can do, just keeping a small piece of fertile land at home, and planting some plants.

Coffee scrub and aloe massage:

Now, we are going to teach you how to make a small exfoliation, to prepare the skin to receive the benefits of aloe. We will use a little crystal sugar (since it is granulated), coffee grounds, olive oil, and of course: aloe gel.

1st step:

Add the coffee grounds with the sugar, and start rubbing this mixture into the areas affected by cellulite. Use a circular motion, but being careful not to rub the skin too hard and irritate it. With exfoliation, circulation of the skin is accelerated, and this is very beneficial for skin health.

2nd step:

Now, all you need to do is remove the gel from an aloe leaf (the amount will depend on the size of the cellulite affected area). Then, add a spoon of olive oil to the aloe gel, and after cleaning the skin with a neutral soap, just apply our little mixture. There is no standard time to remove the mixture, so it is up to you to decide. Just take it off in the bath normally, and moisturize your skin with a body cream. You can repeat this process once a week, but without leaving the exfoliation aside, as it is responsible for stimulating the skin.

Extra tip:

If you want to replace the coffee grounds with cornmeal, this can be super successful, since cornmeal is also capable of generating an exfoliating effect on your skin. Just mix it (about a spoonful) with a moisturizing cream, or vegetable oil, and repeat the same process as above.

How to enhance the use of aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite?

Just like any other medicine we use in our daily lives, using aloe vera for stretch marks and cellulite, it won't do much good if you don't invest in a change of habits. This is because some practices that we usually adopt in our daily lives, such as a diet rich in fat, or the lack of physical activities, can contribute a lot to the emergence of these problems.

We know that you must be tired of knowing that the daily consumption of water, suitable for an adult, is 2L per day. That's because a hydrated body is a healthier body, and free from some problems that are quite uncomfortable. You should also keep your skin always hydrated, especially in the regions where stretch marks and cellulite show their faces.

Another very beneficial practice, which few people do, is to make circular movements in the form of massage, using a bath brush that is still dry, in the region where stretch marks and cellulite usually appear. Just a few minutes a day are enough to stimulate this area of the complexion.

Exfoliation is also a very important step for you who want to eliminate stretch marks and cellulite, as it is also able to stimulate the skin and produce several benefits. It is also important to remember to use the BeautVip Cel, which has become one of the best options to fight cellulite on the market, restoring the self-esteem of thousands of women across the country.