What is good for hair loss

Hair loss is a subject that scares and worries many people, that's why we decided to tell everything in this matter about how to prevent hair loss.

It is extremely common, we lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, during the shower, this occurs more often.

However, it is worth to be aware, if this hair loss is big, because if you come across tufts of hair around the house too often, this can be a warning sign.

Some of the factors that can influence hair loss are excessive dandruff, inadequate hygiene, in addition to the use of chemicals, which can be quite aggressive if used in large quantities in a very short time interval...

Well, like most problems in our lives, this one may have some solutions.

BeautVip has separated 4 cares that will help to prevent hair loss.


It's not a good idea to go many days without washing your locks, so get into the habit of doing this procedure, it doesn't need to be every day, but at least reduce the time intervals between them, so that the strands don't be harmed by it.

If you do not wash your hair for many days, it can become porous and opaque, and it will develop several problems, which involve a huge amount of secretion, among other residues, which can contribute to hair loss.

In addition to these problems already mentioned, dandruff, exaggerated itching, among others, may appear.

Bet on washing every other day with a reduced time interval, as we said before, and make a hydration or a complete exfoliation on your hair at least once a week.


Chemical procedures on hair, may not be very good for the most fragile hair, as it represents a big risk, you should pay attention to it as much as possible.

To help alleviate the damage to your hair, if you choose to carry out a coloration, or even a progressive one, we recommend that you treat your strands a week before, using moisturizing products for your strands.

Stop these processes if you notice that your hair is falling out after using the chemistry.


Try not to make hairstyles too tight too often, such as a ponytail with an elastic that tightens the strands too tightly.

The hair can even break with this, as it may appear several flaws, in addition to the lack of elasticity on the part of the fibers of the hair follicles.

We've given the example of people who tie their hair, but that's also true of people who add braids or megahair.


Hair loss can occur, due to excess dandruff, which causes tremendous inflammation that forms from the scalp.

From this problem, others can be triggered, such as redness, scaling, and itching, which can be a complete torment for the person.

Therefore, there is a way to get around this situation, which is the hair wash with an anti-dandruff and anti-oily shampoo, both products are easily found in drugstores, and specialized beauty stores, it is worth checking it out.

Therefore, we also recommend that if the problem of hair loss becomes something more serious, that you seek a health professional specialized in the subject, which in this case would be a dermatologist.

We hope you enjoyed the subject covered in the article in question, and keep an eye on our platform to follow other information from the world of fashion and beauty.

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