Weak Nails: Feeding Can Change Nail Health

It is common for some people and even many doctors to make a connection between nail replacement and nutrition or diet problems.

As we all know, the nail device is formed by the nail plate or nail plate and the surrounding skin, and the nail plate or nail plate itself is the nail.

The underside of the nail is the nail bed and the skin covering the contour of the nail is tucked in on the outside and right side of the nail. The proximal fold is the skin that ends at the beginning of the epidermis.

The stratum corneum is like a seal that prevents microorganisms or infectious agents from entering the nail production area.

When trauma to this area occurs, the shape of the leaf changes, with white spots and ripples on its surface.

Nail makeup


Which is the keratin present in the rest of the skin. Nail consistency is the result of a chemical reaction that occurs naturally in the protein structure.

It works like glue, joining these keratin fibers to give your nails the consistency we know.

Contrary to popular belief, calcium has nothing to do with calcium and represents only 0.2% of the nails.

Compared to our skin, the fat content of the nails is also lower. In any case, these lipids (or fats) can make nails resistant to Water.

In fact, the amount of water present in the nails varies, but it is usually around 18%.

The nail's state of hydration (ie the percentage of water) also contributes to the consistency of the nail. Less than 16% of the nails will be brittle. At nails contain more than 25% of water.

Therefore, the changes we see in nails are more related to habits, such as handling chemicals, constant exposure to water.

Repeated injuries in hobbies and occupations (violinist, keyboard player, typist, chef), rather than It is related to the individual's nutritional status.

Biotin Deficiency

Of course, there are few studies on how diet affects nail changes. 

Which is an exception because it has been studied. US U.S, this disease affects 60 million people and is a frequent complaint in dermatological practice.

After all, they are more common in women and they complain that their nails do not grow or break easily and fall out at the tip.

But this is a good treatment to supplement vitamins (like biotin).

As a cause of biotin deficiency, we have: insufficient intake of foods containing biotin (nuts, yeast and wheat germ).

Albumin intake (due to the presence of avidin, which prevents the absorption of biotin), gastrointestinal Tract disorders such as malabsorption.

Changes in intestinal flora after antibiotics or anticonvulsants. In most cases, with the few exceptions mentioned above, dietary changes do not harm the nails.

However, even in these cases, as in fragile nail syndrome. 

As the introduction of biotin can improve these conditions, nutritional supplementation is effective.