Types of Wavy Hair

Today we're going to talk about the types of wavy hair, we hope you like the article below.

If you are about to enter the world of frizzy, curly and wavy hair, you may not be aware of the degree of curvature of your locks.

OK no problems.

Here, we will teach you all about wavy hair types.

You will have a better understanding of its main features, curiosities and other matters that are important to be observed every day. 

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2ABC, 3ABC and 4ABC … You must surely be wondering and wondering: What does this mean?

Before explaining every detail, it is necessary to understand the letters and numbers.

  • 2: it's a wavy hair;
  • 3: is a curly hair;
  • 4: it is frizzy hair;
  • A: hair has much looser curls;
  • B: hair has much more defined waves;
  • C: hair has a smaller amount of curls.


Type 2 hair doesn't actually form curls and its roots are much smoother, so they are notoriously wavy.

For example, 2A it is very easy to model, as it has little volume, being almost smooth.

On the other hand, the 2B there are more shock waves, but they don't actually form curls.

He has a big tendency towards frizz.

O 2C are the locks that have started to form curly hair, they are larger in terms of volume, and have a more striking wavy shape.


Type 3 hair is actually curly.

Curly hair has a greater tendency to frizz, especially if we take wet days into account.

although the 3A be very thin, it has the biggest curls, heaviest and with a also greater definition.

the curls of the 3B it is smaller and well laid out.

The hair 3C, it is already very close to the curly hair, it also has the thickest strands.


This typical hair, known as African, is very fragile, in addition to having the driest strands.

4A remember the 3C, but its thickness is what differentiates one from the other.

On the other hand, the wick in the form of "Z" of 4B are not clearly defined.

It is usually denser and weaker.

Finally, the hair of the 4C it's where it has the most frizzy tresses, and it has ultra-fine curls that are almost imperceptible.


Curly hair, especially 3ABC and 4ABC, is drier than the others.

This is because the natural oil produced by the scalp is more difficult to reach the end of the tips, due to its spiral pattern.

Therefore, it is necessary to have suitable products for this type of curvature.

Now that you have all the knowledge about curly hair types, blast you too with your locks.