Strengthening weak and brittle nails

Having flaky, weak, and brittle nails can be a big nuisance, isn't it. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because, generally, when the nail breaks, especially in the corners, if they are not cut immediately, they “tear” and end up hurting us. For that reason, the main topic today will be the strengthening of weak and brittle nails. Come and see!

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If you suffer from dry and weak nail problems, it is first very important to understand that there are a number of factors that can be causing the problem of dry and weak nails. Thyroid and anemia, for example, weaken the nails, in addition to other very common facts. Some people may also have psoriasis, a disease that causes their nails to flaking, becoming weak and brittle. The frequent use of acetone is also a very common thing that damages nails. It contributes to the detachment of keratin plaques from the nails, which is generally one of the main factors in brittle nails.

There are people who may also have iron deficiency in the body, more severe anemia or some type of autoimmune disease. Sometimes the problem is not solved simply by applying clove oil to make the nail stronger, sometimes the problem is internal too. So continue with the article and see the best nail care in everyday life.

Nail care in everyday life

Now, let's continue with the main subject. Generally, flaky and weak nails are easy to treat, when what is making them fragile are factors in everyday life. Health-related factors can also weaken your nails, but for now, there's no need to be alert.

To avoid the increase of fragility and weakening of the nails, you can reinforce the base of the nails with your own products. Remember that your nail needs a little rest from one enamel to another, as the enamel dries out the nails, thus causing breakage. Moisturize your nails during this period that is without nail polish. This interval can be a day or two, so there is no need to leave them unnailed for a long time, as the enamel forms a layer over the nail that helps it not to break.

Wear gloves to protect your hands every day during housework, as the chemicals in them greatly affect healthy nail growth. change your eating habits, because the lack of nutrients in your body can make the nails not develop, this is because vitamins cannot reach them when they are present in minimal amounts in the body.

Maintain good hygiene and take care of your nails often, as things you think are simple can negatively affect the nail. Making just a change in habits can help a lot, but it is likely that it will take a while for you to achieve the desired results, so recurrent nail care is essential.

There can be many reasons for weakening nails, which is why seeking methods for strengthening weak and brittle nails is always good. Generally, scaling or breaking nails caused by bad habits that are barely noticed in the day and when they are, is not given as much importance, such as biting the nails, (since saliva weakens the nail) or contact with chemical products without protection on the hands .

The lack of certain vitamins in food, most of the time is responsible for the weakening of the nails. Therefore, to end dry nails, leaving them stronger and more beautiful, and this requires greater care than washing, and removing the cuticles. When there is a deficiency of minerals and nutrients, our nails end up being damaged both on the top and on the bottom. There are some foods that can help you have strong, healthy nails.

  • Avocado, for example, is a food that contains biotin and is rich in vitamin E, which should be consumed daily.
  • Kale, spinach, broccoli, all of them are rich in iron and vitamin C, which is a super important vitamin and should not be lacking in our diet.
  • We should also consume foods that contain protein that is very rich in iron, such as meat and chicken. For vegetarians, pistachios, oats, flaxseed can be consumed. There is a source of iron that must be present in the lives of vegetarians and vegans.
  • We must also not forget the consumption of drinking water, there is no point in having a good diet and not having hydration. , The magic of beauty is in the food we eat, if the correct amount of food and nutrients is not ingested, the body reacts in an opposite way. Strong and resistant nails depend on proteins, vitamins and minerals and those that we only find in food.

We can also take care of our nails, moisturizing and using strengtheners.

Here are some more care tips you can have with your nails:


Hydration is essential, especially for dry nails, just like everything else in our body.

Applying a good moisturizer to your hands and nails will help keep them well hydrated, making them stronger and more beautiful. Also look for specific hand and nail products. In addition, some special creams can also be found in pharmacies and beauty supply stores to help treat dry, brittle, and brittle nails.


Nail strengthening products are excellent in treating flaky and brittle nails.

For strengthening weak and brittle nails, some primers to improve dry and weak nails and special oils are also provided to help nourish and strengthen the nails. These products should be applied to clean nails every day without nail polish. It is important to pay attention to the composition of these base oils and it is recommended to give priority to the use of products that contain vitamin B5, minerals and calcium to help strengthen and protect the nails.


When nails are weak and brittle, using acetone-free nail polish remover is also a very important precaution, as acetone is a chemical that corrodes nails, making them even more fragile and making them break much more easily. In addition, it is good to take longer breaks when you go to the salon to have nails done or paint your nails with nail polish, as the step of removing and re-applying the nail polish removes the protective layer of the nail and causes it to dry out, making it more sensitive and fragile.


Every day when doing household chores (such as washing dishes or cleaning the house), you need to wear gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals used in the chores. In this case, you need to keep your hands in contact with water or cleaning products, which can prevent your nails from getting weak or brittle.


Increase the consumption of certain foods that have greater amounts of vitamins and nutrients, such as gelatin, milk, eggs, meat, kale, wheat germ, spinach, avocados, sweet potatoes or liver. Among other dark leafy vegetables that can help strengthen weak and brittle nails, make them stronger, more beautiful and do away with the flaky nail look.

These foods are rich in vitamin A, pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, iron, calcium and proteins, which are great for nail health. In addition, these foods also help replenish vitamins and nutrients that your body may be lacking, which is one of the main reasons for dry, weak, and fragile nails.

When to look for a doctor?

If you've tried all the methods of strengthening weak and brittle nails and nothing seems to solve it, it's good to look for a professional for a diagnosis, especially if nail fragility is accompanied by other symptoms such as pale skin and mucous membranes (inner part of the eye). and gums), concentration and memory, apathy, changes in bowel function, muscle pain, general tiredness, lack of appetite, extreme tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, shortness of breath, tachycardia or palpitations, mood changes, palpitations, weight changes , loss of libido, among others.

Some diseases can cause brittle nails and hair, as well as skin changes, and can usually be treated easily when the diagnosis is made early. Diseases such as anemia, changes in the thyroid, and also some skin diseases, allergies to products and lack of vitamins in the body can be resolved with medication.