Hair schedule curly hair: know how to do it

How about giving that boost to your locks with a hairline schedule for curly hair?

Well, stay with us until the end, and get ready to absorb great information.

We'll explain everything to you, including the necessary products that you should use, to have that curly hair you've always wanted.

For everything and answer me… Why is it necessary to have this hair care??

Well, answering the question, curly hair should receive greater attention in terms of hydration.

The reason for this is the fact that the natural oils have a little more difficulty in reaching the ends, due to the spiral shape of the threads.

Therefore, hydration is essential to meet this need.

Soon it is necessary to have a daily hair schedule routine for curly hair.

Use ideal products recommended for your hair type.

At the time of daily washing, preferably use cold or lukewarm water, avoiding very hot water as much as possible, as the heat can further dry out the threads.

But you might be wondering.

How does the curly hair capillary schedule work?

This schedule is nothing more than a treatment routine, which must be done for 4 weeks, in a cycle where all the needs of the hair fiber are replaced.

Hair reconstruction, including hydration, nutrition and reconstruction, all of this will contribute to the strands becoming stronger and healthier.

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Hydration has the function of replacing all the water lost in the scalp, nutrition makes the lipid replacement, which is nothing more than its oiliness, and finally the reconstruction, which replenishes the proteins necessary for the hair.


You will now learn a perfect and complete schedule for your needs.

So let's discover each step of this process.

To start with, decide on the two days of the week that you will have the treatment in question.

At that time, hydration will be carried out by mixing ampoules of minerals and vitamins, which will contribute a lot.

Nutrition is accompanied by lipids and minerals, while reconstruction aims to benefit the hair with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

To find out if your hair needs hydration, just check if it is not dry, or even dull, then the procedure leaves the strands with more softness, strength, and shine.

Focus on nutrition, if the locks have split ends, are dull or rough.

With the treatment, focused on nutrition, your hair will reduce frizz.

Hair reconstruction has the function of rebuilding the hair fiber, and makes it stronger.

Soon, the porosity and the harmful threads would be combatted.

It is important to point out that all the curly hair capillary schedule is made for all types of curly and curly hair, but be aware of its needs.

The schedule varies from person to person, as some need greater care in hydration, others in nutrition, and others in reconstruction.

You have complete freedom to adapt the treatment as time goes by, so we recommend the support of a beauty professional.