Know the types of female hair

In today's article, we'll learn a little about some of the female hair types, such as straight hair 1C, 2A, and all others. But for you who are wondering: "What is the need to know the types of female hair?", well, know that by knowing the curvature of your hair, you will be able to adopt some special measures, to take care of it the way correct.

But there is one thing that is a fact, is that no hair is like the other. Therefore, the tresses differ from one person to another. So, it is worth paying attention to the diversity of different treatments, as different hairs require different care from each other.

But to be sure of what care should be taken in relation to your locks, it is necessary to know in advance the main characteristics of the strands. But don't worry, we'll explain all the information regarding the different types of hair. Below we will talk a little about the types of female hair. We will mention, some of the most popular hair in the world, of course, that hair models, suffer variations from one country to another.


Different female hair needs to be treated in the right way, and that's why we brought this content to make all the existing curls.

Hair 1A:

Hair in general suffers variations. Soon straight hair has a separation into sub-categories, which is 1A, 1B and 1C. The 1A straight hair is the first of the group that makes up the category in question. The main feature is that this type of straight hair does not have any curl. One of the benefits of those who have this hair, is the fact that the natural oil that is contained in the scalp, runs down the entire strand with ease. Soon, the hair ends up being very soft, in addition to the strands being more shiny. But the downside is that this hair doesn't have a lot of volume, and it's very oily.

Hair 1B:

The 1B is much less greasier than the previous hair, and is also a little thicker. One of the advantages is that this hair model has more volume, as it does not have much oil. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't, because this oil is concentrated only in the scalp region.

Hair 1C:

The 1C straight hair has a much thicker capillary structure compared to the 2 previous formats. It ends up being heavier in relation to that fact. The threads are more voluminous, in addition to having much less oiliness. Many women with oriental descent are usually born with this type of hair, being a characteristic, quite common among them.

Despite being an almost wavy curvature, 1C straight hair is almost impossible to be styled, and therefore it needs more intense moisturizing creams. 1C straight hair, despite not being as oily, still needs attention in this regard. But if you are the owner of a beautiful 1C straight hair, know that this wave is perfect for making many bold hairstyles.


Let's talk now about wavy hair, which is very close to straight and curly.

Hair 2A:

Just like straight hair. The wavy ones are also divided into 3 sub-categories, 2A, 2B and 2C. The 2A hair is actually more like a straight hair, but it is considered as wavy, as it has a very light wave. The tresses are not very voluminous, and the structure of the strands is very fine. It is the bulkiest of the wavy category, especially at the root.

Hair 2B:

The 2B is the main reference in wavy hair, as its main feature is its shape, which resembles an “S”. Wires less smooth than 2A. Plus the fact that it's neither too thin nor too thick.

3C Hair:

The 2C hair is already very close to curly, in fact it is known as “curly hair”. The format is defined as a very open bunch compared to previous models. The tips are considered much more dry, while the root is much oilier, and the volume is also greater compared to 2A and 2B.

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Let's talk now about curly hair, which is beautiful and dazzling.

Hair 3A:

The 3A curly hair, is a little similar to the 2A, but what ends up differentiating one from the other is its volume, which is much larger. The curls are more open, compared to 2A.

Hair 3B:

The 3B, on the other hand, is that model that no one has mistaken, and right away they already know that the hair is curly. Its volume is much larger than the previous one, and because the hairs have a greater curvature, the dryness is also more intense.

3C Hair:

The 3C curly hair is much closer, and consequently more dry, so it is confused with the 4A curly hair, which we will see below. Because it has a more spiral shape, its volume becomes much smaller, due to the curvature that the curls present.


Of all the different female hairstyles, the curly ones are the most versatile.

Hair 4A:

As stated earlier, the 4A curly hair is very similar to the 3C, which confuses a lot of people. But the similarity in which it presents, is the fact that the pieces are more closed, therefore they are more voluminous. Dryness is greater if compared to curly female hair types. Soon this frizzy hair is more opaque and with a reduced shine compared to 3C.

Hair 4B:

The 4B curly hair, already loses even more the curly shape, and starts to have a shape that resembles a “Z”, or a zigzag, to be more specific. Its volume is greater, compared to the 4A, in addition to the dryness, which is much more severe, and its opacity much higher, compared to other previous models. Due to its great opacity, the wires end up being more fragile and sensitive.

Hair 4C:

And finally we come to the 4C curly hair, it has little or no definition, let alone the “Z” shape mentioned earlier. This is certainly the most bulky, and with an extremely greater dryness. This is one of the types of female hair that turns out to be the most fragile, and the most sensitive of all the others mentioned in this article.

Different female hair needs different care, and 4C hair is no different. If you are the owner of a beautiful curly hair with this curvature, keep in mind that hydration is a more than essential step for you to keep your hair healthy. Of all the different female hairstyles, it is the most dry, but it has a super advantage, that it can be easily styled, to make super versatile and bold hairstyles. As well as the cuts, because of all the different female hairstyles, he is one of the few that are really big, or super short.