How to thicken your hair: 6 tips for those with thin and thin hair

If your strands are naturally thin and thin, and that bothers you, you may wonder how to thicken your hair. Although our hair characteristics have a genetic basis, there are many products and procedures that can change this characteristic. And that's what we'll talk about in this article. Check out.

how to thicken hair
Do you have fine, thin hair? In this article you will learn some tips to remove this hair characteristic.

In addition to strongly indicating the BeautyVip Hair to thicken your hair, as it increases hair volume and mass, there are other tips you can also put into practice to ensure thicker hair. Want to learn more about this subject? Just check out this article!

Is there a difference between fine hair and thin hair?

The vast majority of women associate fine hair with thin hair. However, although these two characteristics actually go together, there is a difference between them. It's not because you have the fine threads that they will necessarily be thin. And the opposite also happens.

This means that many women seek inappropriate treatment for their locks. Sometimes your hair is fine but not thin, and yet you insist on seeking treatment for thicken the hair, and that's not what your locks need.

So much so that it is common comments from women claiming that certain recipes did not work. But deep down, sometimes that's not what happens. What happens is that you are looking for the wrong treatment for your hair.

What is the difference between thin hair and thin hair?

Thin hair indicates the low amount of hair on the scalp. On the other hand, fine hair has a thinner structure on the shaft. There are two different characteristics, and it's important to know which one your yarn fits into.

Therefore, if you want to know how to thicken your hair, you must first identify your hair structure and look for the proper procedures to treat your locks.

Do the recipes for thickening the threads work?

Our hair, as well as our body, responds to what we eat. If we eat natural and healthy products, as a result our body will respond in the same way. And the same thing happens with our wires.

Our capillary structure, among other things, is formed and influenced by nutrients. When they get lost, the locks tend to be less healthy. Now, when we replace these compounds, we tend to achieve healthier hair.

Of course genetics play a big part in this. That is, if you have naturally fine and thin strands, and want to know how to thicken your hair, know that it can be a little longer procedure. But, still, it is possible to achieve the hair of your dreams.

How to thicken hair?

Now that you have a better understanding of these issues, you are better equipped to understand how to thicken your hair. In the next topics, you will learn 6 tips that will make you conquer the hair of your dreams. Check out.

capillary schedule

The capillary schedule is divided into three parts; hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. So if you really want to know how to thicken your hair, this is a must-have tip. After all, this entire schedule is intended to replace all the nutrients that are lost daily, in a natural way.

And when these compounds are recovered, the hair tends to get thicker and less thin. Therefore, bet firmly on the hair schedule and remember to always use the right products.

bet on amino acids

The capillary structure is formed by 85% of keratin, which is formed by 19 types of amino acids. In other words, it is a fundamental component for those who want to achieve healthier and less thinning hair.

Therefore, a fundamental tip for those who want to know how to thicken their hair is exactly to bet on the replacement of amino acids orally or topically, which is when it is applied directly to your hair. This will certainly give you thicker and voluminous hair.


This is a vitamin popularly known for being the “beauty vitamin”, and this is no accident. It is an essential substance for the maintenance and beauty of the skin, nails and hair, and that is why it is essential if you want to know how to thicken your hair.

However, in order to achieve the desired result, it is essential that you know how to use Biotin for hair. You can also choose to use biotin in capsules or products that, in their composition, contain biotin.

vegetable oils

Moisturizing using vegetable oils is a great alternative for women who want to know how to thicken their hair. In addition to achieving a more silky, shiny and strong capillary appearance, it is still possible to increase capillary mass and volume.

How to thicken hair with vegetable oils
A great tip to thicken your hair is to use vegetable oils.

For this, you only need to apply a vegetable oil (your preference) and let it act for a few hours. If you want, you can still apply minutes before bed and remove all the excess the next day, in warm or cold water.

make use of aloe

Aloe vera (aloe vera) is already highly known by women who love making homemade recipes. However, many don't know that this is a great way to thicken your hair. Aloe contains more than 12 vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B13, C and E.

Other than that, it is rich in minerals and 18 amino acids, which is just what your hair needs to acquire a fuller structure. On top of that, you'll still get more hydrated and nourished hair.

improve nutrition

While many of the tips focus on applying some nutrient directly to the scalp, you also need to remember to improve your diet in order to make your hair thicker.

As already mentioned, our entire body reacts in a certain way, depending on what we eat. Therefore, to ensure healthier, thicker and thicker hair, bet heavily on foods that contain biotin, vitamins and minerals, for example.