Discover the most varied types of nails

In this article we will talk and get to know a little about the most varied types of nails currently existing.

Nails are one of the most important points for women.

They usually do it once a week or every two weeks, and they want to use different types of nails and nail polishes in different colors. In recent years, several ways have emerged, which have also changed the concept and the way women take care of their nails.

The type of false nail is known to elongate and give women the desired shape, and its type is also very popular and has gained many adherents. women who trim brittle nails or are bitten by mania may use different types of stretching to modify their nails in a healthy way without damaging them.

So that you can get to know each type of nail, its length and style, here we have some important information to help you. In addition to the different shapes, the name of each nail will eventually change and become popular in different ways.

See below the different types of Nails:


Despite being a classic, square nails are still widely used.

Square is the most popular type of nail. Classic, very suitable for women who dare not take risks. This model leaves the sides and tips of the nails very straight, so it is very suitable for nails with longer fingers because it gives the impression of smaller nails.


Rounded nails are beautiful, but they require attention.

With more discreet shapes, they help to attract your fingertips. In addition, it also has the ability to stretch the fingers, which is very suitable for those seeking this purpose. Despite being the most basic shape of the nail types, rounded nails are still widely used by many women.

However, they should be very careful about breaking the nails, as due to having some “corners”, they can tend to break more easily, unlike other types of nails that we will show you below.


The stiletto shape is a very flashy and bold shape, and more closely resemble claws. Among all types of nails, this is one of the ones that most need extra attention and care.

This format is one of the most popular. the nails of the stars of Hollywood are ideal for those who want to get attention and want to be like the pop stars. To use this shape, you must have very long nails, so this is usually done after stretching the nails.


The internet celebrities love this nail shape, and maybe it is the ideal for you, who want nails a little shorter, but still bold.

This nail model aims to unite square and oval nail shapes. Thus, to achieve the effect, it is necessary to file the nails with a straighter shape on the sides, finishing with more rounded shapes at the ends.

This is one of the types of nails most adopted by bloggers and unfluencers, as it guarantees a lot more charm in the hands of any woman, besides being quite daring. Despite being shorter, they still provide a more elegant look to the woman who wears them, and are surreally prettier with darker nail polishes and some more basic designs.

ALMOND nail:

Another of the types of nails that can guarantee a stretching effect are almond nails.

For those looking for more modern nails, the almond shape is one of the current trends. Similar to round nails, this shape can sharpen nails and have a round effect.

This format guarantees more resistance to the nails, and can be used by any woman, even those who prefer short nails. Women who want to give a feeling of elongation in their short fingers, can bet on one of the most charming types of nails that we have separated today.


The oval model is beautiful and charming, but it is not very suitable for those more agitated, who love to practice sports.

Following the idea of almond nails, the oval tip is a little less, making the knife tip thicker, less pointed and rounded. In this way, a balance can be achieved between classic rounds and modern stilettos.

The oval nail is known for being more resistant, due to the absence of edges, it is ideal for those with short fingers and a little fatter. But for those who enjoy sports, perhaps all types of nails, the oval is the least suitable. All this is due to its length, which can be a hindrance for the most agitated women.


Ballerina nails have become a rage lately, mainly because of the gringo influencers.

As the name suggests, ballerina nails resemble ballerina shoes. Modern and fun, this option is a variation of the stiletto format, featuring very pointed fingertips, but with a straight finish. At ballerina nails, have become a big trend among women, after being heavily used by divas from abroad.