Check out tips and homemade recipe to strengthen brittle nails

There can be many reasons for brittle nails, some of which are poor diet and eating habits. Therefore, to ensure healthier nails, some habits must be changed. The fact is, we sometimes tend to do the housework alone, but some cleaning products can damage our bodies, especially our nails.

But if you want to continue doing these jobs, but avoid making your nails brittle, then, in this case, it is important to consider the use of gloves when cleaning the house and you may also be using other products that help to leave your nail. healthy.

For this reason you may be using Beautvip Hair, it helps in the growth of the nail, strengthening it, in addition to decreasing the frequency of nail breakage, it also helps in the irregularity of the edges and reduces nail peeling. In other words, it is a great alternative for you who want to keep your nails healthy and strong.

How to have healthier nails?

To get stronger nails, just increase your intake of some foods that provide the necessary vitamins to ensure more resistant and less brittle nails.

The growth of nails, in addition to good nutrition and hygiene habits, it is also related to some subtleties in daily practices. In addition to the changes, it is important that you follow some tips, which we will present below.

Use Moisturizers

Like the skin on your hands, nails need to be moisturized to stay strong and healthy, so using a moderate amount of moisturizer every day will help you achieve stronger nails.

The right moisturizer will help prevent them from breaking, and at the drugstore you can find several special treatments specifically designed to strengthen your nails.

With a few simple habits, you can keep your nails well out of harm's way.

use oils

Oils can help strengthen your nails and prevent them from cracking, but for that you need to make sure they contain vitamin B5, minerals and calcium, which are responsible for ensuring strong nails.

Avoid Acetone

We are used to using acetone to remove nail polish, but if our nails are weak, continued use of acetone will make them brittle.

As it is a very aggressive compound, you are advised to avoid overuse. But if you want to remove the nail polish, we recommend that you choose one that doesn't have acetone in its composition.

Other than that, avoid constantly painting your nails with enamel, as its continuous use, without giving rest, can contribute to make them more brittle.

Other Tips

As mentioned above, always wear gloves when performing household cleaning activities and avoid direct nail contact with corrosive chemical compounds such as detergent or chlorine.

It is noteworthy that good nutrition and hydration are very important to obtain healthier nails. So increase your intake of gelatin, milk, eggs and dark vegetables like cabbage, wheat germ, spinach, avocados, sweet potatoes or liver.

One of the best tips on how to strengthen your nails that we can give you is the correct consumption of vitamins and minerals.

Among the main nutrients needed to have a healthy nail, we can mention; vitamin A, pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, iron, calcium and protein. Therefore, bet on vitamin supplements such as BeautyVip Hair and bet on a diet focused on these nutrients.

This capsule is not only for hair improvement, but also for strengthening nails and skin. Its results are more than proven, through positive reports made by women who changed their lives through the daily consumption of this daily vitamin complex.

Homemade recipes to strengthen your nails

You may be doing a homemade recipe for more results. There are some products that we have at home that, when used correctly, can help with the growth and strengthening of nails. And to check what these ingredients are, just keep connected with us.

Homemade foundation to strengthen your nails with oil, honey and egg

1- To prepare this recipe, just mix 1 tablespoon of oil, honey and one of the egg yolks in a small bowl;

2- When the mixture is completely uniform, apply it to each nail and let it rest for 25 to 30 minutes;

3- After the recommended time, remove with plenty of water.

Ready! As you can see, it's extremely easy, simple and fast. For best results, we recommend making this preparation at least three times a week.

Homemade foundation to strengthen your nails with orange or lemon

For this homemade recipe to strengthen your nails, you can choose between orange or lemon, depending on availability. Other than that, you'll still need a teaspoon of sugar and almond oil. For this recipe, it is essential to have something citrus, so lemon or orange is essential.

The preparation mode is also super simple. Just extract the juice from the fruit and mix it with sugar. Then simply soak your nails in the liquid for 15 minutes. Then just rub it with a cotton wool soaked in almond oil.

If you want to maximize the results, we recommend using milk. To do this, after extracting the juice from the fruit, just add the milk and soak your nails for 15 minutes. If you use milk, you don't need to add sugar.

We recommend that you perform this procedure three times a week. As the ingredients are rich and folic acid, this will help in the growth and strengthening of the nails.

Homemade foundation to strengthen your nails with olive oil

Want a homemade recipe to strengthen your nails even easier, but with a positive effect? Then this recipe is for you! All you will need is olive oil. Every day, minutes before bed, just dip your fingertips in the olive oil.

Keep your nails soaked for about 15 to 30 minutes. As this ingredient has great moisturizing power, you will notice your nails much more nourished and strengthened.

Homemade foundation to strengthen your nails with olive oil
As an easily found ingredient, the homemade base for strengthening nails with olive oil is much in demand.

It is also possible to enhance this recipe and, for that, you will only need to boil a cup of water and add two tablespoons of olive oil. Then, with the mixture still hot, soak your nails for 10 minutes.

After time, just remove, but it is important not to rinse or dry your hands. The product must dry naturally. Because it's rich in vitamin E, you'll get sturdier and more nourished nails.

Homemade foundation to strengthen nails with aloe

Aloe is a well-known component that is always present in homemade recipes. Aloe is not only good for the nails, it also strengthens the hair and improves the health of our face.

For nails, aloe has a powerful active that makes them much more resistant and less brittle. To perform this treatment, you will need to give:

  • 1 scoop of aloe gel;
  • 3 drops of olive oil.

To prepare this homemade recipe to strengthen your nails is extremely simple. Just put everything in a container and mix everything until you get a smooth texture. To apply, just wet it on a cotton pad and go through all the nails.

As with the previous method, you cannot dry or rinse. Allow the product to be fully absorbed by the nails. Then, if you want, you can apply some moisturizing cream to reinforce the results.

Homemade foundation to strengthen your nails with garlic

If you don't mind having the smell of garlic on your hands, this is a good tip, since garlic is a powerful ally when it comes to making your nails fortified. For this recipe, you will need to give:

  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • 1 container with water.

Once the ingredients are gathered, you should chop the garlic very finely and place it in the container with water. Then just dip your fingers for 20 minutes. To remove the smell of garlic on your hands, after taking action, rinse your fingers with some good-smelling soap.

But remember, in addition to being able to use these homemade recipes to strengthen your nails, know that the feeding can alter the health of the nails. Therefore, always try to have a more balanced diet. Another important thing is to maintain this nail care on a regular basis, as you follow your capillary schedule for example.