Women's Short Hair Care

Women's short hair is certainly the main cutting trend today, as it is modern and easy to care for.

It is the ideal choice for women who want to be a little daring without giving up their beauty.

Short hair it's more practical, but it's wrong to think you'll ignore the necessary care.

If you know exactly what to do, it's not complicated to keep your hair short.

If you still have questions, learn now how to take care of women's haircuts.


So, for every face shape, there is a more suitable hairstyle.

People with rounded faces should prefer straight incisions.

If the face is thinner, the asymmetrical tip will give a more modern look.

So for wide faces, bet on the front of the longest hair.

For women with straight faces.

But the ideal choice is to cut in layers to add more volume to the top of the head.

Before threading the scissors and cutting.

So check the proportions in relation to the female body.

Before choosing a haircut, you should also consider your hair type.

If the goal is to control the volume, don't exceed the required range.

Straight hair is perfect for the shorter cut.

Thinner threads need to be recut to gain more volume.


Short hair needs to be trimmed frequently.

The thread growth becomes more evident and the cut loses its characteristics.

Therefore, people with short hair should go to the salon more often.

Due to the greater distance between the length of the strands, the hair tends to become oily.

But there's no reason to give up cutting your tresses.

With proper care, oily hair will have no problems with treatments.

Even if hair oils increase, short hair does not lose its moisturizing effect.

Treatment masks must be at least 15 days apart.


In addition to cutting, many women also want to change the color of the yarn.

However, care must be taken not to damage the hair.

Short hair tends to be more sensitive.

Therefore, it is recommended to use only one chemical procedure at a time.

It can be tempting to dye the hair strands immediately after straightening.

But when you abuse the chemistry, you run the risk of overloading your tresses.

Among other things, this can darken and cause loss of hair.

That's because short hair is easier to break and damage.

Another consideration is product application.

Therefore, chemical contact with the scalp can cause burns and peeling.