8 tips to make your hair grow stronger and faster

People often dream of growing their hair, but it usually doesn't work with the individual. Therefore, the desire of many is to have hair that grows strong, healthy and fast. It is very common these days, we do research on fancy methods, which make hair grow faster. Many women, for example, share their impatience with hair growth on a daily basis.

If you've identified with any of the situations we've just mentioned, don't worry, as the content of this article is full of valuable information. In addition, in this article, you will get to know BeautyVip Hair, an excellent product in the treatment and growth of hair. Continue to learn more.

In the female imagination, long hair is what stands out. Many women look for bold and creative techniques, in an attempt to make their hair grow at a faster level. In addition to this dream that many women aspire to, many suffer at the hands of hairdressers. Because most of the time, it is necessary to wait for the hair to grow, to fix a bad haircut.

But hair growth varies from person to person, as this solution can take months or years to happen. But before knowing some of the tips, which allows for faster hair growth, it is important to know how the whole process works.


Hair growth works as follows. The factor responsible for the growth of our hair is the hair follicle, as it is within this component that the hair strands are produced.

At the bottom of this structure there is the root where it is full of cells that are constantly multiplying. As they multiply, the cells have the function of pushing the hair strand out of the scalp, causing it to grow.

Generally hair growth is 1.5 cm per month, so this is a general average and may vary from person to person. But as we said before, it is possible to speed up this growth, always respecting the limits of each type of hair.

It is worth remembering that the way your hair grows comes from a genetic inheritance, that is, if by chance your mother and father's locks grow slowly, the chances of having the same rhythm are great. But don't worry, we're here to help you, and we'll give you the best tips.


All the tips that we will provide in this article are not magic formulas, they are just a few techniques that can give that extra little push to much healthier hair growth. Below are 8 tips that we have separated for you.

1. Use of aloe in hair

If you are a person connected to the universe of beauty, you must have already heard about aloe vera or aloe vera. This plant is highly recommended for use in beautifying processes. And of course one of those recommendations, exactly to make your hair grow. To use this natural product on the hair, it is only the aloe leaf, and with a woman, remove the gelatinous component that is inside.

This gelatin can be passed directly on the scalp, or if necessary you can mix it with a unique hair oil.

2. Cut the hair

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We know it's weird, but knowing how to cut your hair can help make it grow.

This is really a tip that can be very strange, since the goal is to make hair grow.

But don't be surprised, as the cut is just for removing the split ends without altering the length of the strands in any way. Split ends are the biggest occupied by the breakage of the hair fiber, making it more difficult to notice that the hair is growing.

3. BeautVip Hair

BeautVip a vitamin supplement, highly recommended by many experts, as it contributes to fortified nail growth, in addition to leaving the skin smoother and more beautiful, and of course, it helps in fast and healthy hair growth.

Just do a quick search on social networks, which is possible to find several reports of those who have already used and fell in love with the product. It is worth purchasing BeautVip, as it is an efficient and effective product, besides, of course, having a price that fits in your pocket.

If I were you, I wouldn't waste time and already acquired some capsules, to guarantee results in the first week of use. Your hair, nails, and skin will be strong and healthy for sure.

4. Vegetable oil application

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The use of vegetable oil on hair is highly encouraged by most experts.

One of the most beloved methods to keep the hair always protected against dryness, in addition to preventing it from breaking, is the vegetable oil. Whenever possible, apply the oil to the ends of the hair before washing them, so that it will have all the benefits mentioned in the paragraph above.

5. Scalp Massage

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It is not only our body that needs periodic massage, but also our scalp, which needs to be stimulated.

A simple feature is to massage the scalp, doing the procedure for a few minutes helps to increase blood flow in the capillary root region. By increasing the blood flow, the region receives more oxygen which helps make the strands grow faster.

6. Hair products

There are several products you can use for faster hair growth, such as vitamins, shampoo and others.

Remember that these products are not miraculous, and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The function of these products is to provide the necessary vitamins for your hair to always stay healthy, and consequently the growth is guaranteed.

7. Drink lots of water to make your hair grow

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Never fail to hydrate yourself correctly, as this is essential for the health of your body and hair.

Water is extremely essential for the health of the human body, and it is no different for our locks. If your body is automatically hydrated, your hair is also hydrated. Water helps a lot in eliminating unwanted toxins, and helps moisturize hair and skin.

Your hair, skin and nails were extremely grateful for this whole hydration pump.

8. Washing the locks

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"Bye laziness, bye dirt, goodbye smell of suooooor", I know you read in the rhythm of the little song huh?!

And of course it's no use performing all these procedures that we mentioned in the previous topics, if the hair is not clean, as this is a determining factor for the hair to grow strong and healthy. For those who want to have a faster growth of their locks, it is necessary to have a care routine, and always reserve time to wash the hair.

We cannot guarantee that these tips will work for all people, but if this happens, it will be necessary to investigate further what factor is influencing hair growth.