6 cruelty free products

To contextualize the term the article, we have to understand that the American term Cruelty Free has as a simple translation the meaning “cruelty free”.

The evolution of biotechnology and science has made it possible for tests on animals, which mistreat and often sacrifice them, to be replaced by procedures in synthetic materials, or in biotechnological machines.

Cruelty free products have the exact objective of banning tests carried out on animals, and removing activities that may include mistreatment of them from the agenda. The aggravating factor is that the animals involved in the tests end up suffering mistreatment, and in most parts they are even sacrificed.

How does testing on cruelty free products work?

Product tests aim to predict allergic reactions or damage to health in humans with their use, generally the sectors that apply these procedures are cleaning, aesthetics, dyeing, and personal hygiene.

The main sectors where the methodology is applied are: cleaning, personal care, fashion, chemicals (paints for any purpose), and various types of cosmetics, beauty, and especially aesthetics.

Testing can sometimes be done on human guinea pigs, with their consent. But this type of testing is also being eradicated, with the evolution of nanotechnology some companies have already implemented testing artificial materials, created by machines, in order to simulate organic material.

How do I know if a product has the cruelty free methodology?

On packaging labels! They have all the information needed to find the information, which are indicative seals, they are seals of companies responsible for regulating cruelty free products.

Here are some of the main cruelty free labels:

Leaping Bunny

This seal is international, and also the oldest, this organization combats all types of tests and procedures performed on animals.

Peta Approved

PETA is an international company and has its free translation for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”, it acts in the ethical relationship with animals, and has its Cruelty Free seal, as shown below.


The PEA (Animal Hope Project) is a Brazilian NGO that operates in the market approving the manufacturing processes without the use of guinea pigs, it is also listed as companies authorized to register cruelty free products as true.

Here is the list of 6 Cruelty Free products to check:

Beauty Box

Beauty box is a Boticario product, it is a subscription service that, when purchased, packages are sent to the subscriber's home at a certain time, with products chosen by the company itself, and of course it is included in the list of cruelty free products.


THE BeautVip is a brand that specializes in body care, with products for skin and hair and nail health. O BeautVip in capsules fortunately enters the list of cruelty free products, in addition to having biodegradable packaging!

SKALA Body Moisturizer

A great choice of healthy body moisturizers are those from SKALA, as they are cruelty free, in addition to having quality and effectiveness, demonstrating that it is not necessary to test on animals to have high quality.

Phebo soaps

This product has high cleaning quality, and leaves a pleasant aroma on the skin, it is currently being recognized by some bloggers and celebrities. He comes in as a great booster for the Cruelty Free community.

OMO soap

OMO soap belongs to UNILEVER, and is well known among Brazilians for its quality and ease of cleaning tasks, and the best part it also embarks on this range of cruelty free products.

Pine Sun

This product has high cleaning efficacy, also as informed in the article, cleaning products have the possibility of being tested on animals, but pine sol is one of the products that differs from these cases, entering the list of cruelty free products, this product is owned by Colgate-Palmolive.

That's it, so here's a brief explanation of cruelty free products, and some examples of those that follow this methodology.

If this article has helped you understand how cruelty free products work, don't hesitate to send someone you know to understand more about the subject!